Meet the neighbours

Our happy homeowners are our greatest ambassadors. Here's what they have to say about life in the village…



What do you think about Sarilia’s new Little Free Library?

"I think it’s a great addition to our community. Literacy is so important for everyone and it’s in a great area to just stop and grab something while out for a walk. "

What was your daughter Wren's response to it?

"She loves the little library. Wren gets super excited when we go down to see what’s new. We are constantly reading, I’m a bit of a book worm and she’s definitely picked up that trait!"  NEXT

Tessa & Brad
Jade & Devin
Vaughn & Stacey
Sheldon & Shayna
Dessa & Jordan
Amber & Matt
Al & Annette Horvath
Dale Waddell
Maggy Waddell
Sherry & Don Garvie
Zee & Sofia


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