Sarilia began with an idea: a river valley community with equal parts adventure and relaxation. Whether you were searching for a cottage close to water, or a place in the country away from the 9-5 grind, you'd find it here.

Sarilia LifestyleRonn and I knew what we wanted to create, but weren't sure how to communicate it to others who were looking for the same thing. We didn't even know if other people were looking for such a lifestyle. To paraphrase a popular movie — if we built it, would they come?

By creating something new, we had opened ourselves up to being vulnerable. Negative people said it couldn't be done, and self-doubt began to creep in. Fear and worry made for many sleepless nights during the early days.

Witnessing our village begin to grow and develop over the years has brought incredible solace and reassurance. There were people who believed in our idea, and they believed in us. They built their homes here and have enthusiastically embraced the Sarilia lifestyle.

Quite often, we sit on the front deck in the early evening with a glass of wine. We listen and watch our neighbours arriving home. We can hear their "slow-down" as soon as they reach the top of the property and descend into the valley. This makes us so incredibly happy. We are not alone anymore with just an idea.

They are home, and we are home.

Take a stroll across the valley. Have a look at our beautiful scenery in our photo gallery.

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