Frequently asked questions

Each lot at Sarilia is serviced with gas, power, telephone and high-speed Internet.
In order to protect the river valley's ecosystem, Sarilia uses a septic and cistern system similar to that used on acreages or cottages at the lake. For costs associated with these services, see our cost comparison chart.
Ready-to-move homes can be moved onto your property providing it meets the architectural design standards. There are a number of RTM homes at Sarilia.
There are no time restrictions as to when a property owner has to build - you can buy-and-hold as a real estate investment.
Even though Sarilia is only 3 km from the town of Langham, we are located in the RM of Laird. The RM maintains the roads throughout the year.
Yes. Gardens can be grown within the private designated building area. In addition Sarilia has a community garden and residents have access to a 10' x 20' plot. A larger space may be obtained if required.
Just like the services provided in a city or town, garbage is collected bi-weekly. We also have recycling bins for cardboard, paper, tin and glass which is picked bi-weekly.
School-aged children are bussed from their doorstep at Sarilia to the Town of Langham which has two schools: Langham Elementary School (K to 5) and Walter W. Brown High School (6 to 12). The schools are part of the Prairie Spirit School Division.
The 2006 census reported a population of 1,120, with 452 homes in the community. The strong Saskatchewan economy has resulted in a housing boom that will see up to 300 new homes built and the population to double by 2018. The Town of Langham is a vibrant and growing community with many recreational opportunities. They have both an ice rink and a curling rink. They also have ball diamonds, soccer fields and a golf course located along the river.
We are happy to report that Sarilia does not charge a community association fee. Recreational areas are maintained by the development at no extra charge to property owners.
We have a diverse mix of friendly neighbours at Sarilia. Our community is made up of people from all ages and life stages. From young professionals, to retirees, you're sure to find someone to walk the dog with, kayak down the river with, or simply enjoy a glass of wine and a sunset with.
The RM of Laird maintains the roads throughout the year. Although Sarilia is only 3 km from the town of Langham, we are located in the RM of Laird.
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